What lies ahead for social media in 2018?

social media

There will be two major battles fought by social media in 2018, but which side will emerge victorious? By Daniel Gilbert, chief executive, Brainlabs, for Campaign 11.1.18 What happened in 2017? More like what didn’t happen. Right? Seriously, though, a lot happened and I’ve condensed it into two battles.  1. Social media vs reality  In […]

New Year, Fresh start, New job.

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Why not use the New Year as an opportunity for a fresh start? Whether you want to become healthier, travel more, learn more or change your job – get on the case now! A New Year instigates the notion of new beginnings in the form of resolutions, promises and changes and among this job-hunting and […]

Three ways to boost brand safety in the programmatic age

brand safety

Brand Safety continues to impact the integrity of the programmatic industry. Here are three ways to boost brand safety for brands, publishers and agencies…. A perfectly planned ad campaign, sabotaged by brand messages popping up next to extremist or inappropriate content. This nightmareish prospect is enough to fill most marketers with fear – and for […]

Now is the perfect time to be looking for a new job


Recruitment does not slow down before the Festive Season despite what many people think. For candidates there are many benefits to looking for a job at this time of year … – Because so many people think that this time of year is slow for hiring it opens up wider opportunities for those that carry […]

Group M upgrades ad market forecasts for 2017 and 2018

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Advertising in the UK is set to be better than expected with Group M raising its growth forecast from 4.1% for 2017 to 5%, totalling £18.9bn. The media-buying group also raised UK expectations for 2018 from 4.5% to 4.8% and forecasts a total investment of £19.8bn. Group M also predicts that digital, “pure-play” internet will […]