Recruitment is all about people. We are here to find you the perfect person for your business in the most straightforward way. We will encourage you to meet only the best candidates for the job, not just the best currently on the market.

As our team of consultants have experience in both media and recruitment they are well qualified to give expert advice on all your recruiting needs . We will work with you on a one to one, personal basis giving updates and advice throughout the entire process.

Areas we cover

We recruit for all levels of experience and expertise from Graduate up to Managing Director, permanent and contract positions, for the following sectors…

Media Owners Media Agencies
Press Planning and buying
Outdoor Strategic Planning
Radio Account Management
Cinema SEO
Digital Affiliate Marketing
Mobile Social Media


It is not just the UK we cover. We have worked assigned briefs in places such as the UAE, South Korea, Germany, Morocco, China and America. So if you need assistance in bringing the best talent to your company we can help.


If you are from an Agency call Josh on 07818566044 or email

If you are from a Media Owner call Steven on 07818566640 or email