5 Reasons Why You Could Be Putting Off Potential Applicants

Every business has experienced the disappointment that stems from losing out on the perfect candidate for a role you have been advertising. No matter whether you lose out last minute because they have chosen to go with another employer, or they have decided that your business isn’t for them – missing out on great candidates can be a disheartening experience. When it comes to your recruitment advertising, it may be time to go back to basics. Here are five ways that your recruitment process could be putting off applicants.

Inaccurate job adverts

Your job advert shouldn’t just be simply drawing in large numbers of applicants, it should be attracting candidates of the highest quality. It can be easy to fall in to the trap of using extensive amounts of jargon in your advert in order to relay the professionalism of your business. This is likely to repel candidates and the right person for the job may just pass your lengthy application by. You should always try to keep your adverts succinct, with a list of essential skills that really are essential, rather than just preferred. Always try to tailor the advertisement to your position, whether it be sales, graduate or HR. Review your advert and ask yourself whether you would apply yourself, given the chance.

E-mail and phone silence

It’s important to make a visible effort to get candidates on board. Applicants want to receive regular communication from the hiring company in regards to updates on their application. Candidates will no longer settle with being left in the dark for months on end. So, if you receive a great application, you shouldn’t sit and leave the lead to go cold. Candidates will constantly be on the hunt for their perfect role, so don’t leave it so long that they have time to get an interview for a different job. A lack of communication will also reflect badly on your business. It will suggest that you aren’t keeping on top of the application in a professional manner. This is the last thing you want your potential employees to think.

Confusing application process

Many businesses are now opting to use online application forms in order to fill a vacancy. However, this can cause as many issues as being inundated by CV’s. A poor and confusing application process will become incredibly frustrating for your candidate and if the process is overly long, your applicants probably won’t bother to complete it. This can cause a huge problem for businesses, with high quality applicants being lost in the administration stages of an application process. It’s important to ensure that your process is optimised for mobile and simplified to make it accessible to an extensive variety of applicants.

Lack of brand identity

When applicants apply for vacancies, they love to know the name of the company or be able to research the company culture and understand whether they would be a good fit. Your business needs to emit brand passion and enthusiasm in order to entice in applicants who may have otherwise given your advert a miss. Incorporating a ‘Work For Us’ page on your company website is a great way for you to show candidates your brand personality and gain candidates that are eager to work for your business specifically in return.

The wrong platform

If you advertise your job vacancy on the wrong platform, you can guarantee that you will get the wrong candidates too. Also, if you advertise on every single possible platform, candidates will be concerned about the professionalism of your business. Your job advertising needs to utilise the right platforms, with the best target audience. There’s no need to be on every possible forum, because if everything else is in check, the right candidate should be able to find your advertisement and apply with ease.

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