5 Ways to Attract the Best Candidates

While much is said about the struggle for candidates to find the position that is right for them, it is often equally difficult for employers to find candidates that they believe can truly adapt and thrive within their business environment.

This is something that is no different with media jobs – the fast-paced nature of the industry means that if the wrong decision is made by a company, the costs in terms of development and productivity can be great and difficult to reverse. Here at Harrison Dear, we believe that taking a practical and pragmatic approach to recruitment is crucial in order to avoid these pitfalls. Through attracting the best candidates to your company, you’ll be presented with a very different headache; choosing the cream of a field of exciting, well-suited professionals as opposed to the best of a bad bunch.

Below, we go through a few of the best ways to ensure that the applications you receive are from the candidates that are right for your business.

Clear, concise job descriptions

There is little more that puts off even the most competent candidates than a convoluted job description. While it’s important to ensure every applicant knows exactly what the role will entail, it is counter-productive to bombard them with jargon – it will often dilute the overall message and in some cases cause people to move on from your application extremely quickly. The best candidates will know, in the main, what the role entails – you will be targeting experience as much as enthusiasm and talent. Don’t put them off with industry speak; you may not get to speak with them face to face at all.

Simple application processes

In a similar vein to the previous point, make sure that you make the actual application process as easy and accessible for candidates as possible. A new online application may be the best aesthetically, but are you sure it is fully functional? The most suited candidates to the role aren’t always the ones that will be committed to fighting an uphill battle against a troublesome operating system – sometimes, it may be best to resist the advances of technology.

Be transparent regarding salary

Although it is undoubtedly a long-standing trait of the British disposition to not speak openly about money, in these situations it is actually extremely detrimental to do so. If you’re committed to bolstering your team with the best available talent, there’s little room for being coy – you need to be upfront from the off, as this will open the floor for frank discussion regarding wages. Of course, the idea is not to attract those who are only motivated by money, but it would be naïve to assume that it does not play a huge role in the final decision of the applicant.

Be respectful of your candidate’s time

At some point in time, we will have all been there – a last minute cancellation, a lack of attention received when you do make the effort, an extensive waiting time; these are all hugely poor signals to give off as an employer, and should be avoided at all costs when going through the hiring process. If you can’t show that you’ll treat the candidate with the respect they deserve as an employee then don’t be surprised when they turn the position down for one at a rival company. It doesn’t really instil them with confidence that things will change once they are hired – they would rather not take the risk and move somewhere they are valued.

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