How a Recruitment Agency Could Help Your Job Search

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you start your search for a new job. The whole process can take hours out of your day, from searching through numerous vacancies to tailoring your CV to each role, not to mention the process of writing cover letters and filling out application forms. With so much to think about it’s no wonder that jobseekers can start to feel frustrated before too long, but help is at hand if you need it. Recruitment agencies can split public opinion, but a good quality, professional agency that puts your needs first can make a huge difference in your quest to find that new role.

You’ll soon discover the advantages to using a recruitment agency when you see how they help you to tailor your job search. Recruiters will have an extensive list of clients who they work with, and they’ll know their preferences inside out. They will be fully briefed regarding all the available positions that their clients are looking to fill, and it’s because of this that they will be able to target the vacancies that apply to you and your skills. This means that there are no hours wasted finding a role and tailoring your CV to it if it just isn’t the right fit for you, as your recruitment agency will be able to inform you if the client is looking for someone with different skills.

A recruitment agency will be able to have clear, concise discussions with you to establish your ambitions, motivations and personality, all vital aspects when it comes to finding the perfect job. Using this information they can then put you forward for the roles you’re really going to be interested in, rather than applying for anything and everything in the hope that something good comes about. An agency not only helps you with hunting down job opportunities, it also helps you uncover the right role.

The support and guidance from recruiters will help to make your job hunt much more manageable. They know the job market, and they will know what their clients are looking for. Not only that, but they are experts in interviewing and skills assessments, and they’ll be able to inform you about their client’s requirements and tell you what kind of things you want to focus on. By forming a healthy relationship with your recruitment agency you’ll be giving yourself the best chance of success and career progression.

Job hunts can easily spiral out of control. By sending your CV and covering letters off to multiple organisations, getting responses throughout the weeks, keeping track of the right roles to follow up on and much more besides, it can become easy to get snowed under. And heaven forbid the worst should happen, if there comes a point where you don’t have enough time to thoroughly research a job and organisation before the big interview. You can alleviate all of this stress and hassle by utilising the services of a recruitment agency, which will have an organised system in place to manage candidates.

This can be a huge benefit, lifting the weight from your shoulders so you can concentrate on other matters. Your agency will be the ones who send your CV to targeted clients, they will organise the interviews and give you updates and feedback regarding the job. You can also focus your efforts by listening to the details they tell you about the employer, which means less time on the internet researching an organisation’s history and more time hearing the really important stuff.

Recruitment agencies also have a system in place to provide constructive feedback following job interviews. If you didn’t land that dream role then they’ll be able to help you understand why, and give you the tips you need to perform better next time. The level of feedback is often a lot more exhaustive than you’d get directly from the employer, who usually tries to palm you off without giving you much information or help. These tips could prove vital for the future, giving you more ammunition for your next attempt.

Added to all the advantages above is the fact that you can form an ongoing relationship with your recruitment agency, and they should be more than happy to help you out again later down the line. They can be by your side throughout your entire career, meaning you never have to feel alone or frustrated when it comes to finding the perfect job. If you want to make the next step in your media career then Harrison Dear is the recruitment agency you can trust.