How to Network Properly

These days it’s vital to network if you want to get ahead in your industry, and even in the age of LinkedIn it can never hurt to get out there and talk to people face to face. The old saying is as true as ever: it’s not always about what you know, but who you know. With this in mind we’ve compiled some tips for networking which should help you to become an attractive proposition in the eyes of industry leaders, and with any luck they’ll think of you when they have a position they need to fill.

Talk to everyone

This goes for both the working environment and your casual life, too. It never hurts to let people know that you’re open to new job opportunities, as you never know if they could help. Never ask them directly for a position as this could make you look unprofessional, instead focus on your career goals, ambitions and what kind of company you see yourself working for one day. The benefit of this is to hopefully have people keep you in the back of their minds, so that if a job opening comes up they will remember what you’ve said to them and consider your skills.

Meet the right type of people

While it’s useful to talk to everyone while you network, it’s even more beneficial to get to know the right type of people. This includes people who have authority in your industry, from company owners to hiring managers and long-term employees. Networking with these groups of people will put you a step closer to landing an interview, because they are the ones who have the influence within an organisation.

Attend various events

But just how do you meet these types of people in the first place? It’s a tricky question because it doesn’t have a concrete answer, but professional social meetings and conferences appear to be the most useful way of presenting good networking opportunities. If you attend these events and socialise with the various people there then you’ll be putting yourself in a good position when it comes to finding a new job. Organisations often send employees with authority to these events, so remember to look and act professional at all times.

Remember your business cards/

You’ll be taken a lot more seriously if you have a business card ready to hand out to the people you meet. Having these on your person shows initiative and it will give people a physical item to call upon when they need to remember your details. Business cards don’t even have to be that expensive, as you can design your own and print out a limited amount for a particular event.

Stay in touch

After meeting people and handing out business cards, the next step is to stay in contact so that your hard work isn’t forgotten. LinkedIn provides the perfect chance to stay in touch with people in your industry, and with a spruced up profile page you’ll be able to indirectly show them your experience and skills. If they don’t have a LinkedIn profile then you can always send them an email, stating that it was nice to meet them and how you were interested in what they had to say. Being polite in these situations will stand you in good stead for landing that next role.

Networking is a word that is often greeted with sighs of frustration, but it really doesn’t have to be that bad and if you do it right then it will be very helpful in the long run. If you’re looking to move on and find a position that better matches your skills, get in touch with Harrison Dear today.