How to Utilise Social Media for Your Recruitment Process

It will come as no surprise to anyone within the media industry that social media is now one of the driving forces behind the recruitment process. Take snapshots across the modern business world and the evidence is there for all to see – a recent survey carried out in the USA showed that a staggering 93 per cent of recruiting professionals would use social media in some shape or form during their efforts – and its role it is only going to increase in prominence as the years roll on.

The added dimension that social media is able to give companies when it comes to discovering the perfect candidate is well-documented for a reason. Traditional recruiting techniques, while effective, do not have the level of instant interaction and indeed informed judgement that social media profiles can bring to the table. It’s not simply a question of snooping profiles to see if they look like they’d be a laugh in the office – a common misconception from social media naysayers – but using the tools at your disposal to screen and filter results until you are left with a suitable talent pool for the role.

All of these aspects rolled together make social media an extremely powerful tool. If twenty or thirty years ago, somebody told you they had found a platform that not only included the experience and skill of candidates but also what is essentially a personality snapshot – showcasing their lifestyle, values and beliefs so as to provide you with a clear idea whether they would fit in with the cultural ethos of your company – it’s unlikely you’d have believed such a thing was possible. Yet here we are in 2015 with a network of websites with high levels of traffic and engagement where candidates essentially market themselves in order to secure the best positions available to them. From a recruitment perspective, social media could not be more welcomed.

This is not to say, however, that just a quick flick through a Facebook profile or a LinkedIn bio. Here at Harrison Dear, our team of expert recruiters with years of experience within the media industry will act upon your behalf to assess both the availability and suitability of clients – and their social media activity will play a role in this process. But how exactly is it utilised best? Below, we run through a few of the best ways to do so.

Use it as a positive personality screening

As we mentioned above, working out whether your prospective candidates could fit into your company and endorse your ideology is a vital part of the recruitment process. Before social media, this was done on a first impressions basis in an interview – a lot of pressure for both parties – but nowadays it is much easier to make informed decisions beforehand.

The important thing is to remember that this form of social media utilisation should be approached in a positive manner in order to really pick out the standout candidates from the talent pool. Through approaching with a view to connect rather than to cut down, you will find yourself in a much better position to pick a candidate that will legitimately make a positive difference to your company. It may be tempting to scrutinise tweets and statuses, but ultimately this is counterproductive. If you see something that causes alarm bells to ring, move on to the next candidate – don’t get bogged down in the negative.

At Harrison Dear, we track down the best candidates regardless of their employment status. Through their social media profiles, we are often able to glean whether they are active or passive in their job hunting and subsequently develop our approaches accordingly. As well as this, we can view their endorsements to see how valued they are at their current role, and the acclaim they have received from clients or colleagues to create an informed picture of their suitability status.

Promote your brand values properly and reap the rewards

Regardless of how satisfied your ideal candidate may be in their current role, if you are able to define your ethos and ideology in a clear and coherent manner you still leave yourself with a fantastic chance of attracting the moth to the flame. Branding should never just be created with the customer in mind, but your prospective workforce too. It’s your job to influence their decision on where they can really see themselves settling, whether you present them with a worthwhile opportunity and whether or not you are on the same page in regards to progress and, ultimately, success.

Social media is essentially the easiest way to do this. The media workforce is ever-changing, but in comparison to many of the other main industries in the world there is a much bigger percentage of younger professionals that will be looking to work in top-ranking roles. We aren’t talking about entry level jobs, either – high ranking media professionals are often in their late twenties and early thirties, and these are people who are hugely receptive to fine-tuned social media branding and campaigns.

Everything in the modern era is viewed instantly, and attention is no longer that easy to maintain. Connections that you can make with people need to stand out and be relevant to them; think location tracking, proximity networks and mutual acquaintances and you’ve got part of the picture as to why social media is so effective in this manner.

Choose a specialist recruitment agency

Here at Harrison Dear, our extensive knowledge of the media industry leaves us perfectly placed to help you track down the candidates that will help your business continue to develop and expand. We don’t believe in a formulaic approach to recruitment, instead adopting a flexible approach that is tailored to the exact requirements specified by our clients.

We’ll utilise all elements of social media as well as our database of both active and passive working professionals to ensure you have the best people for the job ready and waiting for opportunities to work with you and your company. For more information on the services we offer, or indeed to start the media recruitment process with one of our experienced team, don’t hesitate to contact us today.