Asking the Right Questions in an Interview

We all know to expect a grilling when we enter the realms of the interview room. To have our credibility, experience and suitability for the role all analysed and over-analysed is something that has always been part and parcel of the process, but with an increased pressure for people to secure positions it has undoubtedly increased the pressure on candidates – so much so that is has often caused many of us to forget one of the integral parts of the whole experience: to ask questions ourselves.

When applying for top-level positions within the media industry, it’s not always good enough just to ask about the confines and challenges of the role – as something who has a wealth of experience in the field within which you are applying, this may appear naïve or short-sighted. It isn’t always the case that your query or where your employers see you in a year’s time manages to convey a sufficient level of insight on your behalf – as someone who is looking to potentially lead the company into new levels of success, you’re approach will need to be more decisive than this.

So what are the right questions to ask when you find yourself in this position? How do you separate yourself from the competition and emphasise the validity of your claim to be the right person for the job? Of course, with high profile jobs within the media industry there is a certain degree of expectation, but it’s up to you to reinforce the notion that the interview is a level playing field. Here are a few ideas for questions that we here at Harrison Dear recommend to consider when you next step into the boardroom.

Question 1 – [Identity a specific strategic objective and then ask] How do you envisage the particular development will affect my roles and responsibilities?

As someone who will be in a position of prominence at the company should you be offered the role, it is only natural you may harbour some concerns regarding this – planned changes can often change the environment within which you work, or at least the constraints that will be imposed on the role, so question this will underline the vision you may have for both the company and your career. It’s also an easy way to show that you’ve done your research and looked into what really is driving this company forward.

Question 2 – How do you see the department developing in the long-term?

It’s important to express that your interest in the role isn’t just self-motivated, rather you see yourself as an integral part in the development of company as a whole. Top-level media roles are obviously extremely demanding, so long-term goals can often seem distant and detached – it’s your job to address and unpack this notion to prove your value to your prospective employers through a keen interest in their evolution. This is especially relevant if you will be heading up a team, or people-managing to a certain degree – your subordinates and their futures should also be something you have a vested interest in.

Question 3 – From your own experience, how would you describe the working culture of the company?

Considering that interviewers will be probing you with personal questions, it’s only fair that you try and glean some personal information from them, too. Your position is a fairly simple one in this instance, an external candidate wanting to familiarise themselves with the working culture of a place you wish to work – there are none better to ask that those on the other side of the table to you. It will help you connect with your potential employers in a way that is often neglected in interview scenarios, and that is by getting them to turn the focus on themselves.

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