Out of the box approach to your job search – Caroline Lee (Digital Media Consultant)

The Digital Media industry is experiencing rapid change and it can be a challenge to keep up with it all. So how do you handle all this with a job search?

So you are not happy where you are and know it is time for a move. Perhaps you pick up the phone to a consultant who will tell you more about roles with DSPs’, SSPs’, DMPs’, the trading desks, the independent trading desks (we haven’t touched on mobile yet or ad networks or video!) It’s probably all sounding a bit much…

But look at it this way, you spend around 45 hours a week at work. There are so many opportunities out there at the moment why not start by looking for a role you will love instead of a specific type of company ? If selling to clients directly is your thing then a DSP could work well, but you might find ad networks won’t. If you love business development why not be open minded about joining a start-up instead of a very well established brand ? You need to think out of the box and establish you what would really love to do. Think of the role and the company will follow.

If this has helped and started to spark ideas for your next move then what next? Give me a call on 07875 416602 or email caroline@harrisondear.co.uk and we can find the role you really want….. FullSizeRender