Being a recruitment consultant is up there with tax man or estate agent in the popularity stakes. It’s pretty clear that a lot of people have, shall we say, mixed feelings about recruiters and you really don’t want the whole “what do you do for a living?” when meeting someone new. Comments tend to range from poor to downright appalling. Even when the candidate has been placed there is frequently the “they got paid all that money and all they did was forward my CV” sense of resentment

Whilst we can understand the negative viewpoints people have, we like to think, and are quite confident that, candidates who deal with Harrison Dear will come away with a different perspective.

We can break this down into two categories.

Things we will do :-

  • Answer your calls and emails. Promptly.
  • Give honest answers on the client and position.
  • Help you throughout the interview process, giving guidance where appropriate.
  • Give advice and support when the job offer comes in.

Things we won’t do :-

  • Send your CV somewhere without your permission.
  • Try to coerce you into interviewing for roles you don’t fancy.
  • Send you job vacancies you’re not cut out for.
  • Pressure you to accept a role that you’re not 100% on.

Hopefully you can see from the above that we have our uses and we’re really not all bad.

Added to the above, if you’re fortunate enough to be relocating overseas then we’ll also give you advice on the practicalities on your new life abroad. We’ve helped people on topics such as taxation, accommodation and transport and when we’re not in a position to advise, we’ll show you someone who is.