Final Students – are you considering a career in Media Sales when you graduate?

So you have nearly finished your finals and the time to leave university is looming. When you put your pen down for the final time don’t be sad! This is an exciting time in your life and there are lots of fantastic opportunities in Media Sales for graduates. Steve, Nikki, Clare and Caroline are here to have a chat when you are ready, and here is some information to whet your appetite….. sales pic

Why a job in Media Sales ?
Media salespeople work hard and play hard, earn above average salaries, and enjoy meeting lots of different people through work and social events. It’s fun and there can be lots of lunches and parties. With employers ranging from major PLCs to cool start-ups, the career and earning prospects are great. The media industry is vast; covering all aspects of our lives there is bound to be something of interest for almost everyone. But what makes media sales really special is the people you meet. You will work in teams of like-mind people who are energetic and enthusiastic.

What Is Media Sales?

Media Sales is the selling of advertising space in any communication platform, such as newspapers, magazines, outdoor billboards & screens, event sponsorship, commercial radio or television, business information / data and online / digital.  It can also be connected to the events / exhibitions and conference industries where executives are responsible for selling delegate spaces to attend the event or the selling of sponsorship opportunities
Media sales people to ensure that revenues generated from advertising are fully maximised

The Role
You will develop and maintain an in-depth understanding of the market place you work in, including regular analysis of competitor activity and identifying opportunities for new product development and new revenue streams
You will contact potential clients, usually over the telephone but also in a face to face environment (client presentations, client days out, business lunches / dinners), to describe potential advertising opportunities
You will manage of a client base ensuring that their needs are being catered for and that they are happy with the service and response.  You will review their existing spend and build on the relationship to maximise sales opportunities
You will attend meetings to ensure your clients are fully aware of all potential advertising, promotion and sponsorship opportunities and to cement your relationship with them for the long term
You will contact existing clients to arrange the design and placement of advertisements, the payments for this and to ensure their continued support
You will attend industry networking events, exhibitions, seminars and conferences to build awareness of your industry and meet potential and existing clients
You will work closely with the editorial features team to ensure all leads are covered and relevant information exchanged to the benefit of both parties.  Editorial input from sales executives normally receive a welcoming response
You will work closely with production departments to ensure advertisements are placed into the correct products, in the right place and at the right time
You will work closely with the advertising operations team to ensure the correct advertisements are placed on the correct websites pages at the correct time, according to your clients’ wishes

Skills/ Experience required by Employers
Media Sales is often about a candidate’s personality rather than a particular skill set.  However having telesales experience will demonstrate focus on a career within media sales and probably make you more confident of your abilities.  For graduates, employers will also look favourably upon both bar and retail experience as both these environments tend to be relatively social and tend to involve catering to a customer’s needs. Even better if you can get some work experience in a media environment
Selling is not just about having the ‘gift of the gab’.  It’s about asking questions, listening to the answers and using the information to build a case for your product; this will usually involve matching your product to what the client is looking for.  To have a successful career in media sales you need to be controlled, assertive, mature, flexible , innovative and a brilliant listener.
You also need to be resilient in order to handle objections that potential clients may raise.  You have to stand up to these objections and overcome the clients’ (and your own) doubts and fears.
The very best sales people perform well due to their excellent relationships with clients.  They have built up trust through delivering what the client wants, not what he/she thinks the client should have.  The latter is usually the result of a poor listener.
In order to succeed in a media sales job you need to have confidence so that your clients buy into your ideas.

Core competencies /attributes required
A target orientated disposition and the desire to sell and meet targets.
Excellent communication skills and the ability to interact confidently with a variety of people from varying backgrounds.
The ability to persuade and convince people of the merits of a product
The ability and confidence to negotiate with people and close them into making decisions
The ability to work under and handle pressure
Commercial awareness and networking ability
Drive, determination, persistence, resilience and tenacity
Strategic and creative planning
Excellent written and oral communication skills
An excellent telephone manner
Self-motivated and a can do attitude
Diplomatic and thick skinned
Common Sense
Strong revenue awareness
Sociable and outgoing personality
A general awareness of culture and society, current affairs and a simple zest for life and learning will definitely stand you in good stead, if only to help make small talk at that client lunch!

What Are The Salaries In Media Sales?
Media sales professionals have the potential to make good money. Salaries in media sales are composed of two parts, the basic salary and a commission element that comes from each sale made.
Typical basic entry level salaries are between £18,000-£20,000 in the London area.  A significant proportion of the overall salary comes from the commission element.  This is usually between £6,000 to £15,000 but this is depends on the product you are selling and the company . Media Sales is usually seen as a young environment and it is not unusual for senior managers to be in their late twenties or early thirties.  Promotion is based on merit and the results of the individual.

Typical Earnings
Career path / experience                      On Target Earnings

graduate in first year                                       £18-25,000

sales executuve up to 2 years                        £24-30,000

senior sales up to 3 years                               £28-35,000

account manager 2-4 years                           £30-40,000

account director  up to 5 years                      £40-50,000+

group ad manager                                           £50-60,000+

publisher, sales director                                 £70-90,000++

How Do I Start My Career In Media Sales?
Call Harrison Dear! Steve, Nikki, Clare and Caroline are our Media Sales Team and fill vacancies at leading Media Companies. They have great relationships with sales team directors/managers, hiring managers and HR personnel. They will put you forward for media jobs that best suit your skills, experience, personality, expectations and potential.  Your degree subject is normally of little relevance although some companies can look more favourably on business related qualifications.  Work experience wise companies will normally favour those with previous experience working within telesales, call centres, bars and retail industries.

For more information and advice contact

Steven Dear on 07818 566640,
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Clare Hughes on 07554 992537,
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