How to Brief a Recruiter

Finding the ideal candidate to fill your role takes time, something you might not have too much of. An easy answer to this problem is to utilise the expertise of a recruiter, who will be able to use their contacts and their own knowledge of the market to locate the perfect employee for your organisation. However you’ll still have to brief a recruiter and tell them exactly what you’re after, in order to make the process easier for both you and them. Here are some of the things you should brief a recruiter on when you have roles to fill.

Tell them how much work you’ve already done

You should give a recruiter all the details regarding how much you’ve already done to hire for the role. Telling a recruiter if there are adverts out there already, or if you have used an agency in the past, can be very helpful to get things started.

State the skills of the ideal candidate

A recruiter needs to know what kind of candidate you’re looking for, so tell them everything you want to see in the CV. All too often a recruiter will find good candidates, only for them to be rejected because they didn’t have a certain skill or qualification that you didn’t tell them you wanted. This can lead to a frustrating back and forth process, so get everything out the way straight away.

Tell them how soon you can interview

If you tell your recruiter that you can interview candidates straight away then they are more likely to move urgently. It also helps your recruiter to manage candidate expectations, as they can give them an idea of how quickly the application process will be.

Tell them what makes your organisation unique

You want to attract the best candidates to your business, so you need to brief a recruiter on what sets your organisation apart and why people should come and work for you. Do you offer a higher salary than competitors when it comes to this particular role? Do you offer more training options and career progression? Tell your recruiter everything that makes your working environment a good one to be a part of.

Tell them what is expected of the successful candidate

A recruiter has to approach candidates with news of your role, telling them details like what the job involves and what kind of tasks they will be expected to perform. It also helps if a recruiter can tell candidates what is expected of them if they are successful, so they know what to expect for at least the first six months of the role.

These details can all help a recruiter find the ideal candidate to fill your role, and it will help to ensure someone is found much quicker than before. Briefing your recruiter properly can make all the difference between dozens of unsuccessful interviews or getting it right first time. If you have a position in the media that you want to fill then get in touch with Harrison Dear today.