Media Recruitment: Never a Dull Moment!

Interview 2 with Steven Dear on

“Steve admits that there is never a dull moment in Media Recruitment. With 30 years’ experience between him and co-director Josh Harrison, it would be fair to say they have probably seen and heard it all when it comes to unusual recruitment/interview scenarios .
Steve explains that Harrison Dear consultants always meet and get to know their candidates before sending them off for interviews but no matter how well you know and prepare candidates, every interview is unpredictable because it involves dealing with real personalities.  People who are placed in a tense situation have their own ways of dealing with nerves and stress. There are many  strategies that you can use to help alleviate nerves before an interview, but he always recommends focusing candidates on the importance of preparation and research: research the company, research the competition, and research yourself (have confidence in your own strengths).
He explains that at Harrison Dear they always want their candidates to be themselves in interviews and they never spoon-feed them.  When it really comes to an interview, a spoon-fed candidate may end up saying: “Oh, Steven hasn’t told me the answer to that question!”, and may panic. Or candidates will just be robotic in their responses which never impresses.
Here are just a few of scenarios Steven and Josh have had to deal with over the years……
Are we keeping you up? A candidate apparently yawned all the way through the interview; it was his involuntary way of dealing with stress.
Entourage: A candidate turned up for an interview with his mum, another with her two children.
Not a fairy tale ending:  A candidate was interviewing for a job on a film magazine at a major publisher and dressed up as one of the leading characters in an animation which had been featured on the front cover. She had taken the advice “stand out from the competition” a bit too far…
Soggy Bottoms: A candidate telephoned Steven on a rainy day in a panic after being drenched in muddy water outside the interviewer’s office by a passing bus. He suggested she went inside to explain the situation to the receptionist and re-schedule the interview. The poor candidate was instead greeted by the interviewer who insisted she carried on with the interview, have a tour of the office and meet the team, and ended up being offered the job!
Chubby Brown: A candidate was asked to tell a joke but in the heat of the moment he could only remember a shockingly “blue” one, he surprisingly made it to the second stage!
Double Trouble: Steve also admits that in his very early days of recruitment he sent two candidates with exactly the same name to the same interview at the same time. Awkward!”steve-2-219x300