Now is the perfect time to be looking for a new job

new-jobRecruitment does not slow down before the Festive Season despite what many people think. For candidates there are many benefits to looking for a job at this time of year …
– Because so many people think that this time of year is slow for hiring it opens up wider opportunities for those that carry on with their job search, and reduces the competition
– No-one wants to celebrate with a job search hanging over their heads. Do it now and you’ll be able to enjoy Christmas and the New Year with no career stresses and without constantly checking email for potential opportunities.
– The typical notice period is one month, so for many, another advantage of handing your notice in at the beginning of December means you have less time left in the office to work, it’s also a time to be able to get to know your new colleagues really well at their Christmas party. Employers are keen to hire before the holiday because it means they can start the New Year with a full team, all systems go.
– How lovely to start the New Year in an exciting new job, a fresh environment, new colleagues and more than likely a pay increase to help pay for the Christmas credit card bills…
Why not give us a call to discuss opportunities? We have taken on some fantastic new roles (both media sales and media agency) at great companies who are very keen to complete their recruitment process before Christmas.