Signs that you should Change Jobs

Finding the motivation to head into work in the morning can be tough sometimes, and bouts of fatigue are likely to affect all of us. However there’s a difference between not being motivated for work on a certain day and just plain dreading it. If you shudder every time you think about your job then it might be time to seriously consider making a change, for the good of your career and your health. Here are some signs which might indicate that it’s time to start polishing up the CV again.

You have no interest in the work

If you feel like your job isn’t helping to push you towards your overall goals then it can be easy to feel frustrated. It doesn’t matter how much you’re being paid, if you’re bored of your day to day tasks at work then you’ll never fully enjoy the job. Work takes up a huge amount of time in your day, and if left unsolved then these issues can eventually spill out into other areas of your life.

You’re tired of the same old routine

If you feel like you could sleepwalk through your day job and still do it competently then it might be time for a change of scenery. You need to feel challenged in the workplace, and attempting the same tired old routine every day won’t do much to keep your brain in check. If you’re finding it hard to fight off the monotony then it could be a big sign that you need a new challenge.

You feel like you’ve hit a glass ceiling

Everyone wants to feel like they’re making continuous progress in their career, which is why it can be so disheartening when you feel like there’s no more room for growth. A lot of people only feel fulfilled when they move up the career ladder, and if this is impossible at your current job then it might be time to move on.

You don’t feel accepted

It’s important to feel like a part of the team in your workplace, as you share the same goals and the same philosophies for doing things. Unfortunately this isn’t always so simple, and sometimes people just don’t match up with certain teams as well as they could. Feeling uncomfortable in the workplace will lead to less productivity and it will make you unhappy before too long.

Your boss is unbearable

Everyone is likely to have had issues with a boss in the past, but if yours is unbearable then it really does make the job that much more difficult. How are you expected to thrive at work when you are constantly worrying about a negative boss who doesn’t appreciate you? If your boss is leaving you in a permanent state of panic then changing jobs could be the answer you’re looking for.

If any of these signs seem familiar then it might be time to face reality and move on. Searching for a new job can seem daunting, but it would be even scarier to stay in a role you’re simply not happy in. If you would like to enjoy career progression in a fulfilling work environment then contact Harrison Dear for the rewarding media jobs you deserve.