Using Social Media to Get the Best Job Opportunities

Social media is becoming increasingly important in our lives, and nowadays it even has a big impact on our careers. More candidates are using social media than ever before, and they’re also learning how to utilise these tools to find the best job opportunities. Making the most of social media will put you ahead in your job search, and it can prove a great way to network and get your name out there. Below we talk you through some of the top ways candidates are using social media to discover the best opportunities.


This is the social network where professionals come to share updates, post informative content and update their online job history. It’s extremely easy to network with people in your industry on LinkedIn, making it a valuable tool across almost every industry. There’s even a special job search function so you can find some of the latest opportunities, and it’s easy to set up alerts so that you’re notified if anything new comes up. Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date can really pay dividends down the line.


This network allows candidates to create specific circles for their work lives, so that they can select what content they want to see more of and use it to their advantage. You also get to connect with people who work for various companies, making it easy to interact, get advice or hear about any available vacancies. Google+ is becoming increasingly important in the social media stratosphere.


Still the biggest social network in the world, Facebook continues to attract new members every day from all corners of the globe. However it can be used for far more than sharing pictures of cats with family and friends, as people are now using it to look for work by liking the pages of employers and joining specific groups related to their field.


Candidates can use Twitter to follow a range of things that can be beneficial for their careers, including prospective employers and job boards. They can also retweet or comment on things that show they have an interest in a certain subject, which can be very helpful for getting your name out there. Using Twitter during your job search could give keep you one step ahead of the competition.


Perhaps the least well known of the big social networks, Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that allows users to pin things they have an interest in. It’s also being used by candidates to post their CVs, as they use pins to highlight any specific skills or work experience they want people to know about. Doing this highlights a candidate’s creativity and helps them to stand out from the crowd.

Social media allows candidates to take the initiative and really be proactive in their job search, as they get noticed by employers and show off their special skills. In today’s competitive job market it is more important than ever to try and give yourself the best chances of finding that dream role. If you’re a candidate who needs help taking the next step in your media career then get in touch with the experts at Harrison Dear today.