Zoe completes The Warrior Adrenaline Race

Congratulations to our very own superwoman Zoe Bateman who completed the 10k Warrior Adrenaline Race in Hertford on Saturday.
Zoe always shows much stamina when it comes to matching candidates and vacancies, but she took this to a new level on Saturday when took part in one of the toughest challenges in the country. The Warrior Adrenaline Race isn’t for the fainthearted – it is a tough 10k run including lots of obstacles, hills, water and muddy terrain. The obstacles and course are designed by an expert team and can challenge even the fittest athletes to their limits. Anything from the giant steps and the zip line to the tunnels and water obstacles, with plenty of other climbing and sliding obstacles scattered along the hilly, muddy route.
Despite pushing herself to the limit she is back in the office today, albeit a bit achy, scratched and bruised. Contact her on zoe@harrisondear.co.uk, tel: 07771 926152.

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